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tribe once ah, but unfortunately,Tiffany & Co Outlet, the blood seems to be discarded. ‘Black Qing Xiao Yan looked at, laughed,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and finally one, but it is only able to hear his own.
‘Xiao Xuan? ancient family of eight?, Xiao Yan surprised a moment, that he fell in front of or heard, Xiao Xuan, Xiao most illustrious ancestors, but behind this, it really is somewhat at a loss.
‘When I told the guy Xiao Xuan know, I also just like the purple research about it.’ black engine grinned, patted purple research head, but as far as the rear that question, but he is not answered, the voice a turn,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, waved his big hands, and said: ‘Not much to say, let’s go, let me take you out of here, so these guys again Debating irritability.’
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan although a belly doubt, but not much to say, only nodded.
seeing black hand free to wave the big engine,Tiffany Outlet, the nothingness of space in front of him is to draw a crack, then it is in the eyes of many, the first stepInto, then Hsiao go far hesitated, also followed into them.
when the last person to enter space cracks, the black Lenghe the sound of the engine, but it is rumbling from within the cracks of the spread, then rang all day in Phoenix demon tribe ears.
‘. hand, day demon Phoenix family, the future act ‘the convergence of some, I do not really think that a family not born Swire imaginary dragon, phoenix ancient days yet still fear my family, not to mention you these days rely on blood heritage of the descendants of Phoenix generation ”
heard this threat very strong smell of Sheng ‘Huang Xuan, who’s face,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, but also became very ugly again. 1240th eight chapters were
exhaustively looked at Xiao go far disappear in the space of cracks among the demon Phoenix family day everyone face to face
watch for one,Tiffany & Co Outlet, not even half a person dare opening blocked.

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of the weak person.
‘asked to be submerged with that black military-related messages that,Tiffany Outlet Online Store?’
maid would be too respectful offer tea, Xiao Yan glanced at the stage of the battle, softly.
now have to contact with this ancient tribe, Xiao Yan is naturally want to know more about them, and that so-called black submerged army is said to gather at the ancient tribe of powerful warriors ‘has a tyrannical extreme fighting, for them, Xiao Yan must have some information.
‘ah ……’
small medical cents smiled and nodded, eyes and Skyfire Venerable as the one, then whispered: ‘Black Army submerged ancient tribe, status is not low because of their selection criteria quite demanding, not only for the ancient tribe absolute loyalty, but also must meet certain way at a certain age level, it is said, black submerged military assessment every year, amounting to less than assessment criteria, that is, will be removed away, so this is so that was submerged black army quality ‘quite high. ‘
Wen Yan,Tiffany Outlet, Xiao Yan is slowly nodded his head, from the gates to see the group dressed in black armor guard look ‘is able to know that black submerged Army soldiers, not what mediocre, if on the outside world,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, but also one of those one in a million soldiers talent.
‘among black submerged army, has a very strict level of the points, within which there is no commanding eight,Tiffany Outlet, and have seen yesterday and Ling Quan,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, who five guide, is one of the two’ just that Ling Quan, just it ranked seventh. ‘Side of Skyfire Venerable laughs.
‘Ling Quan is ranked seventh it’ Xiao Yan eyes slightly narrowed, Ling Quan is a statue of star power, but who five guide,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Samsung bucket respect strength, so to say, then, that big black submerged Army The command is to achieve at least six stars even higher level.
‘is indeed ancient

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contact brewing for a long time as the volcano in general, suddenly broke out.
aggressive inclined to give all the underlying strength over the soul of severe chest and suffered such a heavy blow to the soul Li, his face is pale almost instantaneously down a mouthful of bright red blood mouth Kuangpen out since, as the body is broken line kite general,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, inverted out,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, and finally on the ground paint out of a ditch full after nearly a hundred meters, just slowly stopped.
‘eight stars statue?!’
looked struggling to climb up in the ditch Li whole soul into, that the soul of the cliff face, is suddenly swarmed an horror of color, could not believe his eyes look to Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan previously that Yisha It broke out of breath, actually reached the eight-star level,Tiffany & Co Outlet, and that kind of flavor intensity, he is stronger than many!
‘how could that be,Tiffany Outlet?’ Cliff mouth twitching
soul, mind almost could not help but roar up, just two years time,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, even if they have never been to enhance the strength of a star,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, but Xiao Yan, but it is a full six stars from the original statue, direct Meng soared to the current level of eight weeks, this strong contrast, so that was really the soul of the cliff is somewhat unacceptable. To you
resolve potential to Thunder Soul Li, Xiao Yan eyes, that look of horror turned to the color of the soul of the cliff, short laugh.
look to see Xiao Yan eyes, the soul of the cliff is clenched palms up, dark eyes staring at Xiao Yan, immediately hands suddenly bear a printed summary Road, and along with its printed summary of changes, their eyebrows, a bizarre family pattern is rapidly emerging.
‘We do not know why you would power surge, but I want to leave, you qualify!’
family patterns emerge, soul soaring cliffs breath quickly, robes no wind automatically,

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and slowly turned around,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, one covered with hideous color of young faces, emerging out! (Third more to! 1070th eight chapters Qinghai
appear in the duck Custodian of sight Xiao Yan, his face grim awe-inspiring, even in its mouth but also promises some faint traces of blood,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, covered with ragged,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online, looking back is slightly awkward, obviously that firestorms swept previously, but also so that was a little hurt he was, of course, if this injury compared with the three days of the snake, it is worth mentioning only say.
duck law enforcement body stiff down in that awe-inspiring voice, his face became pale a lot, he can clearly feel that the press in the palm of your hand at the nape of brewing an aggressive impulsive, as long as Xiao Yan heart together with the intention to kill,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, then I am afraid he is too spot fall in their hands.
Xiao Yan left hand wiped the blood that wire mouth, eyes without the slightest feeling of staring at the front of the Custodian of distraction,Cheap Tiffany Jewelry, this year in the cloud Arashiyama Gama Empire Exhibition Xiong Wei, and his face will be arrested and old drugs take the soul of the house Custodian, after a lapse of several years, finally is one of the most embarrassing in the end, fell on his hands & quot.;
‘In those days, you may have thought, you will have thisDay finale? ‘
Xiao Yan grin, but it is dark, cold smile, is so softly, so that was duck Custodian of heart thrown some promise chill.
‘if you kill me, soul of the house will make it difficult for you to survive in the Plains, you have to clear the house of my soul, not the Ice Valley!’ suppressing the heart of that kind of cold,Tiffany Outlet, hard mouth duck law enforcement, Chen Sheng threat Road. Xiao Yan eyes glanced
light, but it is a faint smile.
hear laughter Wan Road, duck Custodian shoved thrown

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basically now eighty percent of people are in the fortress of the Church among the sub. And since when
Furukawa Xiao Yan words back since Dan Hall, nature is not surprisingly led to a big upheaval ‘Dan Church all these years is too nice and smooth,Tiffany Outlet, plus the importance of refining pharmacists causing gas Jiaokuang of very strong, even on weekdays color scales, have never been so harsh for them to speak, but although Xiao Yan Yan League chief, but after missing too long, some later joined the League of refining pharmacists inflammation of he just exists in someone else’s dictation,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, hence his fear, far less than those who are naturally other inflammatory Union Church door.
Dan Branch Church Hall, located in the northwest orientation mysterious yellow fortress,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, which boasts a large area Well, Dan Church belong to the scope of this treatment can be regarded as inflammatory Union Church doors all among the most top.
moment, within a hall of this division within the Church,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, but it is caught in a brawl among cock.
” Well, I say it really is a big chief’s power and prestige, this back is something we will have to intervene within the Church of Dan, all these years. ‘If not us Dan Hall, inflammation Union can have it today?’ hall , an old man looking unhappy Huiyi Lengheng road in his chest, with 一枚 refining pharmacists badge on that drug tripod, with seven golden ripples emerge, who is also an impressively seven refining pharmacist .
‘Master Liu Chang is right ah,Tiffany Co Outlet Store Online.
Huiyi old man who obviously has not a weak reputation within the Church of Dan. ‘So he speaks, there is some refining pharmacists echoed repeatedly.
in the hall, Furukawa sat in the first place, frowning slightly, but did not speak, he alchemy talent is not weak, but for management, but really some very good,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, beside

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supple black hair, sighed: ‘Oh, can I have this arrogant little granddaughter become such a look, then called Xiao Yan Boy, there was some skill ah. ”
heard,Tiffany And Co Outlet, Han Xue Qiaolian DaytonSurface touch of modesty, Gang Yu speak,Tiffany Outlet, that the distant mountains, but it is bang bang, sounded an explosion sound, far away in that round after round of screams in between can hear some faint, ‘he in this,’ the Class of Christ. ‘What was found?’ Han Xueyu hands clenched shoved up. ‘Boy, I thought you wanted to hide it forever!’ Shen Yun stature
suspended sky, octave it looked dark eyes starting out slowly from a cave in the youth, sarcastic laugh. ‘People come with a lot of touches, it seems Shen elders for the next really hated ah.’ ‘Xiao Yan eyes swept around the horizon,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, immediately look at Hong Tian Xiao who paused, smiling Road.
‘old lady of hatred, so you fall into my hands, you will naturally be able to experience very clear.’ Shen Yun pernicious ways, between the palm faint pain came, like _ handle spikes like, bitter sting At its heart, a sense of sense of shame, so that was intended to kill his heart Kuangyong
‘Boy, this time, the wife’d like to see how you can escape! I promised my nephew, will you break the limbs brought before him.’ Hong Tian Xiao Peng is the Victim of Xiao Yan, dark voice, so that was dedicated to all those around Han mind a cold. Xiao Yan smiled, but this smile among contains Chill is intended. ‘It seems that in the next two is really not put to death,Tiffany Outlet, will never give up,Tiffany And Co Outlet, in that case,’ then by the next) will be two of life) to receive it. ”
smile on his face looked Xiao Yan, Hong Tian Xiao anger suddenly laughed loudly, mocking: ‘The rampant junior, really thought with a puppet, can not save your life?’
Wen Yan,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, Xiao Yan could not help but smile face

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flash of fierce Mountain.
Xiao Yan is naturally do not know even if he retreated quickly, still is attracted hostility Song Qing, and even Kui know,cheap coach bags, the helplessness I cursed loudly as he could fool … It seems when
road along, Xiao Yan, like that of the monster inside for nearly an hour wandering Danta, had just returned home Sheng Presbyterian arrangements, within which the flow is quite Danta is not small, but all are Danta belongs refining pharmacists, including some real masters,Coach Factory Outlet, said it is not an exaggeration … Canglongwohu back home, with a small medical Ann Shaw Sin, who prodded, then it is drilling its own room.
plate sitting on the couch of the room, Xiao Yan slightly pranayama, hand grip, light gray reel will roll out of their hands now, it is sent to him the previous sub Xuankong things.
palms spread slowly reel,Coach Outlet Store Online, which emit an invisible out fluctuations, which shares fluctuate Xiao Yan extremely familiar, it is the soul imprint emanating out.
spread reel, above and not the slightest fonts, and some, just some slightly distorted invisible wrinkle Temple, seeing this,Coach Outlet Store Online, Xiao Yan pondered a little one,coach purses outlet, that is holding the reel, then gently paste on the forehead.
reel touched his forehead, and immediately reported to the storm surge fluctuate invisible sky, Xiao Yan is immediately noticed a surge of information, like a flood poured into his head.
be completed after the influx of information obtained, Xiao Yan just light – scroll down, sinking mind, began to organize some kind of strange with the flow of information. ‘Finishing lasted a good long while, Xiao Ting Weibi just slowly opened his eyes,Coach Outlet Store Online, eyes shimmering light. Kind of information flow, it is the practice of the set Cao Ying soul of technology, this thing called the soul of fingerprints, also known

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naturally have some gaps.
‘Gee, presumably this is the inflammation of the family should HL industry fire, right?’ Gu Qingyang juvenile fire hands looked different fire, could not help but laugh.
‘ah.’ juvenile fire nodded slightly, ‘but its Meimou, but it is turned Xiao Yan, eyes, has promised some exotic flavor.
to see the kind of slightly juvenile fire with some provocative look Xu, Xiao Yan could not help but smile touches,Coach Handbags Outlet, this woman weekdays muffled not say anything, but I did not expect such a thing in the cross-fire, but it seems untamed .
Qingtu breath,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan palm is gently grip, a plume of flame different color penetration since its fingertips out,Coach Outlet, finally give all come together, into a mass of purple-brown mixed with white ray of Tucson flames, flames billowing, a section of the dragon-shaped flame, keep the flame soaring into the sky from the inside, between faint, actually has a voice came clear Dragons!
‘Roar!’ That Yisha
on different fire appeared in the hands of Xiao Yan, who appeared in the hands of juvenile fire HL HL industry on fire, is actually up in the violent fluctuations, it kind of becomes unreal feeling, while the other side, the drug Star polar wind Yan Jiu hands,Coach Outlet Online, this would be HL industry fire suppression have some dark colors more bleak, even with the wind which came whining, are now going to give all disappeared.
‘Although your ranking is not extremely different fire front, but after your integration, but it is different enough to fire the first six comparable However, the integration of different fire this crazy thing, I’m afraid since ancient times,Coach Outlet Store Online, you are the first a ‘fire Hsu Chih Meimou thrown some fluctuations, under the veil, came a muffled sounds softly.
for remark, Xiao Yan is noncommittal,cheap coach bags, though it seems crazy fusion of

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not have dry line, please Glacier Valley looking face,Coach Outlet Store, not to intervene! After that, I must re-glacial valley thank! ‘
ice breaks into Sheng, with a hint of panic can not hide, this sudden eight stars were strong, almost immediately, that is, so that was a reversal of the situation of the farm, he anyway to figure out why a hair Head boy who would actually have such a terrible lineup.
‘glacial valley? What is great? even with this, you can also not deter the old lady.’ Fu Sheng
after ice fall, before it burst of volatility space, fire tender Venerable stature, strange emerge,Coach Outlet Store Online, directed the former faint smile, a word that is floating fired immediately.
this beat while seemingly weak,Coach Factory Outlet, but it breaks the ice is sincerely felt a chill, the body count them out at this moment grudge outbreak of cold-filled room, is actually the body surface condensed out of a set of ice armor, silver A whole body white, it seems crystal clear seem fragile,Coach Outlet Store, but its defense force, but it is strong extremes.
course, this strong, in the days of the fire Venerable eyes, but not worth mentioning, though now he is only the eight cases of star power, but it is still a year of experience fighting statue, a six star cases, not enough so get him attention.
‘bang,Coach Outlet!’
floating beat,Coach Outlet Online, just like with the reality does not like, floating ice fall that breaks the surface of the body armor on the ice, an majestic power of the soul, such as the Pentium-like storm surge flooding out!
in this majestic power of the storm surge and other rooms, and that solid ice armor, but it is does not take much to protective effect, under the palm, crack spread, and finally direct the bang bang, burst open!
A broken ice, ice breaks face instantly a white, one with cold blood ejected by its stature Baotui. between

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cover away, a time the whole valley is extraordinarily dull, the only TV drama silver lightning pierced the clouds, just be able to illuminate the valley below. When the clouds gather in the sky
, stone platform that is rich Dan incense to a peak point,Coach Outlet Online, that even the world of energy around the stone, which shares are to be guided by Dan Hong, issued slight tremor. within
drug tripod,Coach Outlet Online, green flame burning in the flame over the place, green and red matched 一枚 rounded immortality, is rolling spinning, an amazing energy,Coach Outlet, which spread out from the constant, immediately hit on the inner wall of the drug Ding, Jin Ping issued a loud bang Clang.
drug Ding Xiao Yan looked within flip of that immortality, the pale face also could not help but come to hint of a smile,Coach Factory Outlet, slowly Da lower eyelids, an exhausted, spreading out from the depths of the soul, so too he was a bit sleepy, this into Dan, for his consumption, it is too big for some, if not mind that kind of perseverance is supported, and probably difficult to succeed. pierced the dark clouds on the sky
Thunder, printed according to Xiao Yan’s pale face, it is particularly weak, he was in this state, and anyone knows, he is thoroughly did the best.
‘rock owl little friends, kindness without saying thank, 丹雷 things will be good to the old lady, you go rest now.’ askew weak state saw Xiao Yan,Coach Outlet Store, Tang Zhen also sober up from excitement, quickly Bao Quan said.
language strike, 唐震刚 want to launch with this so-called 丹雷 fighting a fight, but it is Xiao Yan suddenly heard wheezing sounds: ‘Tang Gu Zhu, Dan Lei, come to me.’
heard, Tang Zhen Yi Zheng, immediately hastily: ‘Rock owl little friends, and rest assured that Dan Leinai why the old lady,Coach Outlet Store, now state how you may obtain access to this Danlei?’
‘Of course I know you can take over

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magma biological eye suddenly violent struggle up, close the eye pupil, rapid flashes of color fierce and brutal, soon sharp squeak sound, constantly heard from the mouth, Finally, wave-like form as magma rapidly spread.
Jiji sound continued for a moment, is waning, and that the eyes of magma biological life is quickly dissipated, Xiao Yan eyes looked cold and stiff in this magma gradually creatures, this slowly withdraw the hand, and in its When the palm is about to exit the magma biological body, heart suddenly a move, palm in his body while fiddle, immediately, come in out of, the palm more 一枚 red red beads.
withdrawn from magma in vivo, but Xiao Yan hands soil but did not Bansi blood, yes, it is a creamy fat, and that fat in a red red beads, is flashing a faint glowing light.
little bit curious to Nianqi While red red beads, immediately Xiao Yan eyes suddenly flashed a hint of surprise, he found that the beads, it appears that contains a rather forceful and violent fire properties of energy, which kinds of energy, compared to the energy he absorbed directly from the magma in the world seem to be a few more to be pure, and that the amount is quite strong, this little one,Coach Outlet, Xiao Ting need at least two days of practice time, just be able to absorbed with equal energy.
‘This should be something like the body of Warcraft magic nuclei like it,Coach Outlet, but this thing is to practice fire properties of the people,Coach Outlet Store, but it is a rare tonic,Coach Outlet Online, but unfortunately, the energy greater than the violent,Coach Outlet Store, can not be directly taken, otherwise, speak with some of the higher-order similar immortality … ‘Xiao Yan eyes filled with amazing color,coach bags outlet sale, something that other people want to absorb the inevitable need for other things and in which violent, but has a different fire him, they are not a big problem,

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squeak The chilling sound.
‘Assembly rules, throw in the towel after all, it is no longer continue its a killer,Coach Outlet, but earlier this person is ignoring the rules, gentlemen, do not look for him, so why ask me?’ 萧炎松 open palms shoulder grab Yan Lin , glanced that more than a dozen wind Lei Geqiang who faint because they do not want to be identified here, so Xiao Yan’s voice is being deliberately suppressed too hoarse.
Xiao Yan hear the remark, that a dozen of the strong wind and thunder Court also surprised a moment,Coach Outlet, looked a king dust, the previous scene they naturally saw it, but the latter Court but their lives were, and now that their lives statue who may also sit in the seats JL it,Coach Bags On Sale, this case, they can do what these people are the main, naturally can only open one eye closed,Coach Outlet Store Online, but no one thought that actually got into the middle of a XiaoYan out, and more so too they did not expect was to break out of this guy, actually also some behind the times, and that the king of dust in the background, can be used to measure what the average person’s treatment? But while the hearts of so
thought, but they will naturally not a large crowd, said that out Bijing matter indeed king dust does not Zhanli,Coach Factory Outlet, Xiao Yan come to the rescue,Coach Bags Outlet, although some against the rules, but it is also reasonable.
‘rely on luck broke into a mile of this waste it, kill kill, what is so amazing?’ They did not say a lot, but the king dust is capable of unbridled moment sneer a cry, with a kind of cold voice a touch of disdain. ‘*** You!’
Heard, Yan Lin’s character some hot surge of anger in my eyes suddenly, just before the pace step by step, is caught Xiao Yan.
catch Xiao Yan, Yan Lin had a vicious bite, tilted his head, staring at the former unwilling, in his memory, Xiao Yan is not like the kind of people

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three to Xiao Yan, through the dark fields of the Great Plains, is consumed only two hours only, which compared with the first two or three days long delayed that long trek, is undoubtedly much easier .
black field across the Great Plains, Xiao Yan This will gradually slowed down, which among Longshehunza Noire domain, the vast region of the strong do not know how much hidden, as if it was like that before unbridled hurry, fear will lead to a lot of unnecessary trouble, after all, the people here can all day long at the edge of the hob licking the blood of meat, as long as there is sufficient interest, no matter who you are,Coach Outlet, is also scheduled to be rushed to severely bitten two.
follow the route of memories, Xiao Yan took the two maintained a small medical cents Shanlue low altitude, when the middle way if some Noire domain cities, will also drop the body, walk through, and in through the city also the way to hang around in the city as well as some of the auction at the local pharmacy, and so on can try to find those materials they need.
goes, Xiao Yan trio of natural speed is slow a lot,Cheap Coach Purses, but save a lot of trouble during Xiao Yan is asking a bit message ‘Xiao door’,Coach Outlet Store, but perhaps because here Noire domain peripheral geographical reasons, so although many people have heard of the new forces suddenly spring up in the last few years, it may be for some detailed information, but added no deep knowledge of this, Xiao Yan is also quite helpless But the message from those who come to find out,cheap coach bags, and he fell to know,Coach Outlet Online, it seems that ‘Xiao door’ and there is nothing he Shang Yi Branch big trouble arise,Coach Outlet Online, which might make him get relief
since learned ‘Xiao door’ is not serious, Xiao Yan also in no hurry to rush more, with a small medical cents duo walk among the many cities around to find

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vaguely can hear the deafening sound of fighting, an evil spirits filled the sky and open, so that was all of the mysterious yellow fortress above, is a dignified looking.
fortress center, has a house Songran standing in the temple at the center of the group, has a particularly grand hall, inside the main hall at the moment, with a lot of people sitting in them, but no one Nongkou speak, the whole piece hall, shrouded in a heavy into.
hall in the first place,Coach Outlet Store, dressed in a red dress in the shadows of some lazy leaning against the back of a chair, glamorous enchanting cheek, faint promise more tired of the color, but filled with a strange charm for charm in the eyes, but old home is full of a kind of high coercion and pride, this arrogance, even the passage of time, but also can not make it fades, and so arrogant, in which inflammation alliance,Coach Outlet Store, apart from the year of the Queen Medusa,Coach Outlet, now outside color scales, but also what people?
few years time, so that was that she did not have the slightest change,Coach Outlet Store Online, but so too is the kind of mature enchanting charm,Coach Outlet, rich …… more
‘Ladies and gentlemen, the lion offerings were army arrives today, yet still only tentative attack, maybe not three days time, that is,Coach Outlet, will officially start work ,,,’
hall into silence, color scales eyes slowly swept the audience, a road familiar faces, suddenly emerge out of the surface.
year’s Ice Queen Hyperion East, Dan King Gama Empire Furukawa, Fama, and now they are, compared to the year, a little old, but the atmosphere, but it is far from the comparable year, apparently in those years, they strength is great sophistication.
hear her words, everyone is a silent, see this scene, the man sitting in a wheelchair on the side, but it is sigh of relief, whispered: ‘Lion forces were too deep, bucket respect

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elder smiled and nodded, with Xiao Yan, a pedestrian street above the import flow straight to go against Vedanta.
has filled the leadership of the elders, a pedestrian Dou Xiao Yan is extremely smooth that passed numerous rigorous examination into the Siddhanta being that huge. ‘
enter Danta, First Presbyterian Sheng small medical cents, who settled in and then just took Xiao Yan straight towers rise, after a long time had just stopped outside a very spacious hall. ‘Xuan Kong president inside his medicine with your teacher dust then we are friends, you may have met him respectfully point’ ■ ‘elders remind hear Sheng, Xiao Yan Su also prepare a color,Coach Outlet, and nodded.
seeing,Coach Outlet Store Online, Sheng elders just somewhat assured that straightened clothes, came up two steps, respectful open doors of the house, and then facing Xiao Yan winking. ‘Xiao Yan nodded, slowly into.’
within the main hall, which was filled with many shelves, looks kind of messy feelings, the hall, filled with many different color flames, fire Mans interwoven colorful, seem blurred sense of a kind of dreamy.
Xiao Yan pace gently fell on the stone,Coach Outlet, his eyes burst sweep, after a moment, before Dayton in a chess book, where an old man dressed in white, are carefully cleaned the dust on top of the bookshelf.
name of white old man, covered with not the slightest breath of overflow, the people, just as a very ordinary man in general, but in the use of Xiao Yan soul perception, but it is found in horror, ‘in front of a piece of empty, that white man, like a remote and does not exist. ” Oh, you is Xiao Yan, right? old guy’s eyes,Coach Outlet, as always envy ah ■ ”
in 萧炎恭 King’s stand on not far behind when the old man,Cheap Coach, white man also stopped the hands of the movement, the vicissitudes of the sound, in the main hall,Coach Outlet, quietly rang. Updates